James Peterson Sons Inc. was awarded the 2021 Excellence in Grading Award from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for its work on State Highway 47 in Menominee County.
Through a partnership among James Peterson Sons, WisDOT and the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, this 2.5-mile segment of STH 47 was successfully completed in November 2021. The project was a mix of reconstruction and reconditioning in an urban setting. Improvements included new sidewalks, storm sewer, approach slabs and bridge repair, pavement and bike lanes, lighting, culverts, utilities and more.
James Peterson Sons started the project in September 2020 with a staged box culvert and intersection reconstruction and maintained detour traffic the following construction season. During the 2020 work, an existing surface discrepancy was discovered that impacted the entire project. As a result, the entire project was redesigned during the winter and spring shutdown. Nevertheless, JPS found a way to maximize the production and advance future staging to stay on schedule.
In June of 2021, JPS and WisDOT worked together to complete large contract modification that nearly doubled all their major grading items. JPS was able to adjust to the changes and absorb additional work and even deliver the project ahead of the original completion date with strong communication among WisDOT, contractors, field staff and tribal representatives.