Peterson Mobile Concrete

Peterson Concrete of Medford offers an outstanding concrete product delivered to your project site anywhere in Medford or the surrounding areas. The deliveries are metered so there is no waste, YOU ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE. We are one of the few companies that offer concrete mixed on site, the on site mixing offers concrete with no unnecessary water or fly ash added into it.

Competition Cost

  • Estimated job quantity:  20 yards ordered
  • Actual job quantity:  16 yards used + 4 yards waste
  • Final job cost:  $2,240
  • Cost per yard:  $112/yd**
  • Final Savings:  none

* Price for example only. Call for current year’s prices (715) 748-3010

** Price for example only, but savings with Peterson Concrete are significant.

We provide Saturday deliveries so we work around your schedule. In addition, we offer a truck mounted material conveyor to move concrete, pea rock, sand or backfill to exactly where you want it saving time and labor. We also have sand and gravel available for delivery. Use Peterson Concrete for your next project and get the best product at the lowest cost.